Cancer52 appoints Rebecca Porta as Vice-Chair of the Board



Cancer52 appoints Rebecca Porta as Vice-Chair of the Board

Cancer52, the common voice for rare and less common cancers, is delighted to announce the appointment of Rebecca Porta as Vice-Chair of the Board. This significant development follows the successful appointment of Anne MacDowell as Chair of the Board in October 2023. Anne has most recently been a dedicated volunteer for Fight Bladder Cancer, one of Cancer52’s member organisations.

Rebecca brings over three decades of leadership experience in the health charity sector to her new role. Rebecca is currently the CEO of Cancer52 member charity, The Urology Foundation, and has a remarkable track record. Her expertise spans strategic planning, innovative health and well-being programmes, and addressing health disparities at both national and community levels.

Previously, Rebecca served as CEO of the male cancer charity Orchid Cancer Appeal for over 11 years, successfully leading transformation and growth initiatives. The appointments of Rebecca Porta and Anne MacDowell means Cancer52 benefits from strong urology experience in their board leadership.

Rebecca is no stranger to Cancer52. Having served as interim Chair for over a year, the board is well acquainted with her unwavering dedication, expertise, and commitment to advancing the cause of rare and less common cancers.

According to Anne MacDowell, Chair: “Rebecca brings an immense wealth of knowledge, enthusiasm, and commitment to the board. Her ability to foster collaborations and drive growth positions her perfectly for the role of Vice-Chair. As Cancer52 continues to thrive, we’re excited to benefit from Rebecca’s expertise and vision.”




Notes to Editors

  • Cancer52 is a registered charity representing 115 predominantly small patient support group cancer charities, united by their vision of seeing a better future for everyone affected by rare and less common cancers.
  • Rare and less common cancers include urological cancers, and are defined as all cancers outside the ‘big four’ of breast, prostate, lung and bowel.
  • Together, rare and less common cancers account for more than half of all cancer deaths in the UK. Current data shows that 47% of cancers diagnosed in the UK are rare and less common cancers, yet they account for 55% of cancer deaths.
  • Cancer52 is the voice of this community and promotes improved diagnosis, treatment and support for those affected by rare and less common cancers.


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