Support Team Corbs! Raising funds for testicular cancer research



Support Team Corbs!

Team Corbs Against Testicular Cancer – Just Giving page

Diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2019 Alex, who has never been afraid of seizing the ball, has spoken eloquently about his cancer and subsequent treatments.


As a TUF Ambassador he is keen to use his experience to raise awareness and his upfront and positive approach is making a real contribution to  getting the message out to a wider audience about the need for men to routinely check their balls for signs of testicular cancer to get seen by their GP a.s.a.p. if they feel any changes.

TUF has details on how men should check themselves on our campaign page “TUFNutsTuesday”.

Alex now wants to go further and is raising money for research into testicular cancer and is looking to support a future TUF study into the disease. 

He is interested in whether there is a familial link to the disease, as both his father and uncle also suffered from testicular cancer. If caught early testicular cancer has a high survival rate, so knowing if you are higher risk is very important. Other areas for exploration are research into other treatment options for the disease.

He started by selling his own TeamCorbs branded t-shirts to fund a future TUF study into testicular cancer (see pic below).  In order that the charity receives the maximum donation from each shirt sold, Alex has met the costs for design and distribution (so that’s free postage when you buy!) with all profits being donated to TUF. Shirts are available to buy at


He has now set up a Just Giving Campaign – Team Corbs Against Testicular Cancer to raise money for this dedicated research.   Alex has always been about “the team” and what can be achieved by the power of individuals pulling together.  So please join the team by either making a donation or organising your own fundraising event.    Your support will enable a team of researchers and urologists to find ways to improve outcomes and invest in a better future for men with testicular cancer.