Stories to Share


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At TUF we look to share the stores of people who have suffered, or are living with, a urology condition for good reason.

A patient story resonates with people because it is authentic and because it makes the information about symptoms or the conditions very real. No longer abstract information, people now see a person like themselves, or their loved ones, and take notice. A story can provide an insight, hope and support for those going through a similar experience.

Asking people to describe their experiences enables audiences to hear information in a way that reading dry facts and figures does not. Whilst statistics are important, stories have the power to motivate and make a difference, affect viewpoints and behaviour.

At TUF we talk about the importance of breaking down the taboos associated with urology health. Seeing other people speak in a very matter of fact away about their conditions can help others to hold much needed conversations.

If you or a loved one have experience of a urology condition, whether ongoing or resolved, we’d love you to share your stories. To talk about your experiences – the symptoms, how you felt, from first doubts to treatment and outcome. Lessons you have learnt and advice you would pass on to others.

By sharing experiences, you will inform, teach and bring hope to others.

If you would like to share your story, in our newsletter, website or social media please contact Serena on or call her on 01449 737971 to discuss.