Charles Reynolds Fund to support TUF


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The Urology Foundation is pleased to announce an agreement with the Charles Reynolds Fund which will see an additional £150,000 – £300,000 available for urological research and training over the next three years.

TUF has expanded its funding to include support for a urological trials unit. It also continues to offer research awards and training opportunities to urologists and nurses through fellowships and education grants.

TUF CEO, Louise de Winter, said: “The Urology Foundation’s mission is to increase survival and improve quality of life for patients suffering from urological diseases. This agreement with the Charles Reynolds Fund ensures more resources can go towards the research and training that delivers against our mission. Where Charles Reynolds has led we hope that others might follow.”

The Charles Reynolds Fund has been created by Mr Charles Reynolds, Founder of CJ Medical, specialising in Medical Device Technology and Surgical Innovations in Urology and other Surgical Specialities.

Charles Reynolds commented: “We are delighted to work closely with TUF and support applications for grants to meet with the foundation purpose of Advancing Science and Saving Lives.  The work TUF supports is of significant importance in the fight against urology disease and we wish TUF continued success and remain proud to be supporters of TUF.”