Urological diseases can affect people's lives in profound, sometimes devastating ways. Yet, behind each case is often an account of bravery, medical excellence, and even recovery.

Some of our supporters want to share their experiences and you can read their stories below.

Storytellers are usually happy to share advice and support if you're going through a similar experience. If you want to get in touch with any storyteller or if you want to share your own story, contact our team on by clicking here.

Ottilie Quince and an amazing 2,600km challenge

1 x kidney transplant
2 x cancer surgeries
7 x countries
21 x days
2,600 x km
2 x charities

Read Ottilie Quince's story

From shocked and scared to back at work in weeks

An artist whose prostate cancer diagnosis didn't get in the way of his work, thanks to his TUF-trained surgeon

Read Bill's story

I lost a friend to this, I knew surgery would save me from the same fate

I knew not to go taking chances; my TUF-trained robotic surgeon was my best hope

Read Phil's story

From the sunbed to the operating table

Thanks to my TUF surgeon, I still got to take my grandson on holiday

Read Sylvia's story

I was given the chance to meet my grandkids

Sometime's it's the people you least expect

Read Paul's story

Experience: Surviving cancer in both kidneys

Surviving huge tumours on both of your kidneys

Read Rafael's story

I was back at work two days after my operation

Mr Ravi Barod took the sting out of my kidney cancer

Read Ninel Dragan's story

A bladder cancer diagnosis just before your wedding day

And how it didn't end this marriage before it started

Read Major Atherley's story

The bladder cancer surgery that gave me my life back

The surgery that's been changing lives across the UK.

Read Mark Woodward's story

Headmaster runs multiple marathons post-surgery for TUF

Headmaster runs multiple marathons post-surgery for TUF

Read Andy Conlon's story

My Advanced Prostate Cancer Experience

Mr Flannigan gives a personal account of his diagnosis with prostate cancer and a vivid description of his experience of chemotherapy.

Read My Advanced Prostate Cancer Experience's story

Testicular lump led to kidney diagnosis

Upon discovering a lump on his testicle, Martin went on to get checked by his GP revealing a tumor on his left kidney.

Read Martin's story

Incontinence - "Don't bottle it up"

John Tiner, chairman of The Urology Foundation and owner of the Salcombe Brewery shares his experience with and some advice for managing incontinence

Read John's story

Experiencing bladder cancer: James Millard’s story

An antiques dealer from London had never even thought about urology before he discovered blood in his pee one morning.

Read James's story

A 2,000 mile journey for The Urology Foundation

A Northamptonshire couple who were recently diagnosed with cancer are sailing around Britain to raise money for The Urology Foundation.

Read Alan and Geraldine Sinfield's story

Primary school pupils learn about kidney stones

A primary school teacher is teaching her pupils the importance of drinking plenty of water following her experience with kidney stones. Last November Simone Doyley, 35, began having pains in her back and sides. Believing it was just a sign of getting older she ignored it, but when the pain became more severe she went to see a doctor and was diagnosed with kidney stones.

Read Simone's story


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