Healthcare Resources and Reports

Interested to know what being on a TUF medical education or scientific programme is really like? We collect first-hand accounts from some of our previous grant recipients.

Inspiring, insightful, and always informative, these accounts give you a taste of what to expect on a TUF-funded project. They also show exactly how The Foundation is helping to bring back critical new skills to UK clinics.

We also have facts and figures about urological cancers and diseases, as well as downloadable information posters and leaflets.

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TUF Research Reports

TUF has been funding cutting-edge research into urological cancers and conditions for over twenty years. Click the ...

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Clinical visit and Longer Term Fellowship reports

Interested to know what going on a TUF clinical visit or a longer term fellowship is really like? All of our award ...

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Urology Resources

The Urology Foundation collects statistics relating to treatment, diagnosis and prevention of all major urological ...

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