What are the signs of Kidney Cancer?

28 June, Tim Burton - 

Kidney cancer is a common cancer among people in the UK. It is most prevalent among people aged 50 and older and it affects twice as many men as it does women. If caught early on it can often be cured, however, a late diagnosis can allow the cancer to spread and become much harder to cure. That is why it is important to watch for symptoms of the cancer.

Below are the signs to watch out for that indicate possible kidney cancer.

Blood in your pee: always a red flag

This is the most common and visible symptom of potential kidney cancer like it is for many urinary health conditions. That is why it is of the upmost importance that by the age of 50 you need to make sure to check your pee before flushing the toilet.

If you see blood or a darker discoloration of your pee, consult your GP as soon as possible, even if you see it only one time. It might prove to be a less serious condition, but don’t take the risk.

Lump on your kidney

Although these are usually too small to feel, lumps on your kidneys are another symptom that point directly to the potential of kidney cancer.

The mass that you or your doctor may feel is a likely sign of tumour growth on your kidney. These are generally discovered only when being screened for diagnoses or other health concerns.

Pains in your lower torso

A constant pain in your sides or back region below your ribs is another possible symptom of kidney cancer. You might also experience sharp pains in the abdomen and groin region due to kidney cancer.

Pains in the lower sides and back can be due to numerous medical reasons. This symptom, along with any others you may have, should be taken into account and discussed with your GP to determine if they are a sign of kidney cancer.

Other symptoms

Other symptoms of kidney cancer include weight loss, high fevers, loss of appetite, and high blood pressure. These can be attributed to the cancer causing your kidneys to have problems doing numerous tasks such as filtering waste from your bloodstream or producing necessary hormones correctly.

If you experience any of these symptoms, contact your GP right away as the sooner you catch kidney cancer, the better.

For more information about kidney cancer and other kidney related diseases, take a look at our Urology Health pages.


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