Leading the charge: the people smashing the urology taboo online

14 September, Tim Burton
Urology Awareness Month is a month for smashing taboos, and these excellent online activists are doing just that.

Urology Awareness Month takes place every September and has three aims: to raise awareness, to raise money, and to smash taboos. In 2018, a group of online activists have taken inspiration from Urology Awareness Month and have decided to take on the business of smashing taboos throughout September.

These activists have picked up some of the roughest and most difficult parts of being a urology patient, and they’ve shared them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, so that they can inspire others.

Each activist has been posting a different black and white picture each day since the start of Urology Awareness Month. The pictures capture what it’s like to live with a stoma bag and to have a chronic urological condition. From the daily physical struggles to the mental battles that can come with chronic urology disease, these activists have been bold with what they’ve shared.

You can see some great examples below and find more by checking out #urologyawareness.

We’d like to thank everyone who has taken part in this campaign and everyone who has supported them. Your work can be an inspiration to the millions of people who have a urology disease and you are helping us to break down the barriers that too often prevent us from speaking openly about urology disease.




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