Penile Cancer: the cancer you might not have heard of

27 July 2018, Tim Burton 

Penile cancer (cancer of the penis) is probably not a cancer you’ve heard of, but it can be deadly. It’s important that all men can recognise the signs.

If you notice any of the following, make an appointment with your GP right away.

Foreskin sores
This will be a pimple-like sore that is likely to be painless and on the end of the penis or on the foreskin.

Warts and sores
You might notice other painless sores or warts on any other parts of your penis.

Sore spot
Penile cancer might mean a persistent sore spot on, ulcer, or warty lump on the penis. This might start to grow and spread slowly cross the penis.

Toilet troubles
Blood in your pee or difficulty peeing can be an indication of penile cancer, as well as a number of other serious urological conditions such as bladder cancer and kidney stones.

It is always better to catch cancer early, so don’t be embarrassed about penile cancer, if you’ve spotted the symptoms. Speak to your GP, because they can get you the help you need.

Find out more about penile cancer on our urology health page.

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