5 things that you made happen in 2018

12 December 2018, Tim Burton
2018 was another big year in the fight against urology disease. We’ve taken big strides in some of the most crucial areas of our work as we look to prevent, treat, and cure all urology diseases.

We’re funded entirely by our supporters, so none of this would have been possible without you. Here’s a little look at what you made happen in 2018.

1. Funding research that saves lives 

In 2018 we awarded £156,286 to some of the brightest medical researchers in the country. They are using this funding to search for new ways to tackle urology diseases. Their research is coming in at the ground floor of the latest research opportunities, to create change that will last.

2. A campaign to save lives

We set up #TUFnutsTuesday, a campaign to encourage men everywhere to check their testicles on the first Tuesday of every month. Doctors recommend checking for signs of testicular cancer once a month, but half of men have not checked their testicles in the last year. This campaign aims to change that.

3. 22 New robotic surgeons

Robotic surgery is a relatively new form of surgery that is proving far better for patients, reducing the time that patients spend in hospital and the time it takes them to recover and return to work. This year we trained 22 new surgeons to perform this surgery. They’ll now take these skills back to their hospitals and change the lives of thousands of their patients.

4. More people than ever before learnt about their health on our website

The best way to prevent urology disease is to educate people to know the signs and symptoms of urology disease before it becomes too serious. In 2018, 120,000 people visited our website to learn about their health. This is compared to 7,000 in 2017.

5. Together, we've saved thousands of lives

Thanks to the doctors we’ve trained, researchers we’ve funded, nurses we’ve supported, and awareness we’ve raised, The Urology Foundation and our supporters have saved thousands of lives across the UK and Ireland in 2018.


You made all of this happen. Without you, we simply could not do the work that we do to save lives across the country. Thank you.

As good as 2018 has been, we’re nowhere near done. We want 2019 to be even bigger, even better. Will you join us?



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