We want to equip all urology professionals with the tools they need to support and treat patients in hospitals across the UK and Ireland

We believe that patients in the UK deserve access to the most advanced treatment options available and so we equip doctors and nurses with the latest skills and knowledge. Our medical education programmes bring some of the latest approaches in the urology field to hospitals across the UK and have led to dramatic improvements in the treatments that patients are being offered. 

Robotic Surgery

One way that we've brought the best treatments to patients in the UK is through robotic surgery. We've trained surgeons across the UK to provide this latest surgery technique. It has led to fantastic results as patients suffer fewer and fewer side effects from their surgery. Take a look at this example to see how surgery has transformed this Wolverhampton hospital

Taking the Lead

We offer a course that is designed to support consultant urologists as they balance the competing demands that their job places on them. The goal is that these urologists will be able to leave the course with new skills and attributes that will help them provide a better service to their patients. The course also aims to give them the leadership skills to push the urology field forwards so that they go back to their workplaces and drive innovation. 


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Male reproductive organs

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