One of the best ways to end the suffering that is caused by urology disease is to prevent people from having them in the first place. 

We use our platform as the UK's urology charity to raise awareness of all urology diseases.

  • Informing: We share content and materials that inform people about what causes urology diseases so that they can make lifestyle changes. We also share information about the key signs and symptoms of urology diseases so that people know to see the doctor at the first sign of a symptom. The sooner a condition is spotted, the easier it is to treat.
  • Breaking the stigma: There's a lot of stigma surrounding urology conditions. From cancer to incontinence and male infertility, people often feel embarrassed or ashamed. It's our goal to stop that. Just like mental health, urology disease is nothing to be ashamed of. We stand with you. 

We want everyone in the UK and Ireland to know how to reduce their risk of urology disease, to know when to see a doctor about their symptoms, and to not feel embarrassed to talk about their condition. Through these steps, we can prevent urology diseases before they can cause any suffering.

Find out more about your health on our Urology Health pages and help us spread the message through FacebookTwitterInstagram, and via email.


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