Charity Volunteer Internship 2019

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A volunteer internship within The Urology Foundation (TUF) provides an exciting opportunity to join our fight against urology disease, whilst developing a wide variety of skills, knowledge and experience to enhance your CV.  During your placement you will have the opportunity to observe and get involved with a variety of different types of marketing, fundraising and communications activities within the TUF team.

The TUF Team

Our mission is to be known as leaders in urology health while inspiring people to join the fight against urology disease.  The main focus for the team is to raise money to help us fund vital urology research to find better treatments and cures, and educational training for urology professionals to ensure they deliver the very best patient care. As a small team we work together to make sure that all activity delivers the vision of The Urology Foundation.

What will the internship involve?

Supporting the delivery of existing communications activity

Working closely with the Communications Manager will provide a hands on opportunity to get a real understanding of a variety of different ways used to communicate the charity and its work amongst the target audience.  You will be given a range of tasks from responding to requests that help build our profile, interviewing TUF supporters and drafting case studies for the media to supporting the delivery of the newsletter and e-Bulletins.

Supporting specific fundraising projects

We have a number of exciting projects currently in progress in fundraising which we believe will bring us closer to our vision.  Working closely with the Fundraising Manager and Event Manager you will have the opportunity to get involved with and support some of these projects.  You will experience the various activities involved in raising funds: from developing unique fundraising ideas and activities, improving how we engage, motivate and inspire our supporters to helping organise and attending TUF fundraising events.

Supporting the operational process

Funding urology research and investing in the training and education of urology professionals is the core to improving urology health and care.  We work tirelessly to ensure that The Urology Foundation is supporting ground-breaking research. Working closely with the Administration and Information Officer you will have the opportunity to get a real insight into how we deliver our aims.  You will undertake tasks from desk research of competitors, companies and past TUF research grants to gathering information used by the charity to further their activity. In addition you may undertake tasks alongside the Event Manager to support the delivery of TUF’s educational events.

How you will support the charity

As an intern you can help by:

  • Supporting the management of TUF communications
  • Being involved in delivering one or more specific projects
  • Contributing and implementing innovative ideas and another view point

How the programme will benefit you

Our interns benefit from the opportunity to:

  • Gain valuable experience with a recognised employer
  • Acquire and develop office-based competencies related to career goals and interests
  • Gain insight in the day-to-day activities of a charitable organisation
  • Enhance interpersonal skills through interaction with colleagues

Key skills

Ideally we are looking for a candidate with some or all of the skills below.  This position will also provide you the opportunity to build on these skills.

  • Good working knowledge of Microsoft Windows, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Strong organisational skills including effective time management and working under pressure
  • Attention to detail
  • Confidence in both verbal and written communication
  • Team work and ability to take direction
  • Creativity, imagination and the ability to use initiative

Useful information about the position

  • Volunteer position
  • Ideally 35 hours per week, could be some flexibility
  • Reasonable out of pocket expenses covered including sustenance and travel
  • Initial 4 week position with potential to extend


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