TUF-funded surgeons perform UK's first robotic kidney transplants

TUF celebrated a double success as TUF-funded surgeons carried out the UK's first robotic kidney transplants at Guy's Hospital and The Royal Free Hospital in London. Robotic surgery allows the donated kidney to be transplanted into the recipient patient using keyhole surgery, meaning a much smaller wound compared to a traditional open kidney transplant, allowing a faster recovery time.

Robotic surgery consultant Ben Challacombe, who is a TUF trustee and previously received funding from TUF to train in robotic surgery, was involved in the first robotic kidney transplants which took place at Guy’s Hospital.

The procedure at the Royal Free was carried out by robotic surgery consultant, Ravi Barod, and consultant transplant surgeon Neal Banga. Ravi received funding from TUF in 2006 towards his PhD and was then awarded a TUF Fellowship in 2014, to train at The Vattikuti Urology Institute in Detroit in robotic surgery where he was able to practise the robotic technique of transplantation.

Ravi said: “I am very excited about the programme going forward; not only to improve the experience of patients but because it also offers those who would not otherwise be eligible to have surgery, the chance of having a life-changing kidney transplant.

“None of this would have been possible without funding from TUF and I am so grateful to the charity.”


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