Theresa May Announces Cash Injection for Prostate Cancer Research

From ITV: 

Theresa May will set out plans to increase funding for prostate cancer research in a bid to get patients "treated earlier and faster".

The prime minister is set to pledge £75m towards clinical trials and alternative treatments to help diagnose the disease early and improve survival rates.

It is hoped 40,000 men will be recruited to trial these new research projects following the cash boost.

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TUF's Response

This is very welcome news. Prostate Cancer accounts for more than a quarter of all cancer diagnoses every year. Despite this, research into prostate cancer has been routinely underfunded. 

£75 million is a large sum of money and we are very confident that it will make a big difference. 

We have funded more than 50 studies into prostate cancer and know that every bit of funding can make a huge difference. 

If you would like to make a difference to prostate cancer research, you can donate to TUF today


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